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Currently we are shipping, in our estimation, the best humanitarian relief food made in the world to the Philippines. It is a complete meal casserole consisting of rice, soy, dried vegetables and packed with 20 vitamins and minerals for starving children. In addition, we ship two different life saving potato based infant meals also donated from Feed My Starving Children to reverse moderate and severe cases of malnutrition in children, infants, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, TB patients and starving senior citizens. Risen Savior Missions is an interfaith Christian charity. A hungry little child does not know what faith they are, they just know they are starving. So far, RSM has shipped enough food into the Philippines to reverse malnutrition in over a million children. Risen Savior Missions has shipped 83 million meals over the last 12 years to the Philippines. Through our 1,500 holistic feeding sites, we have reversed malnutrition in more than one million children, and our emergency disaster-relief food shipments have saved another quarter of a million children.


Because of our successful holistic feeding programs approach and all of our dedicated professionals in country distribution partners and thousands of volunteers, we have been able to see 90 to 95% of these hungry children fully recover so completely that they can walk, smile, laugh, sing, dance, play and return back to school once again. With God’s grace, our RSM goal is to feed a generation of thousands of Philippine starving children for a decade or two with enough good food to enable them to become strong, healthy and well.  Hopefully, these children and orphans will remember their childhood malnutrition experience and our volunteer examples so when they grow into healthy adults they, themselves, will affect a positive change in their society.  With love, respect, Christian values and the grace of God, they will become the new future leaders of their country and take it upon themselves to help the next generation of needy children.

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